Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety disorders are a coping strategy of your body to suppress other deep, strong feelings. The anxiety disorders act like a lid that keeps down the other deep feelings that you don't want to feel at any cost. The fear keeps you trapped, it is omnipresent, it distracts you from what really wants to be felt .

You are not aware of this because you are preoccupied with fear all the time. 

When you start to feel again the deep feelings that lie beneath the fear and panic attacks, the fear can slowly disappear. It is no longer needed as an avoidance strategy.

With Emotional Release Therapy I support you to slowly - step by step - learn to feel again your deeply buried feelings that lie beneath the fear. 

Patients with anxiety and panic attacks often have similar patterns of tension in the body. Breathing is often restricted because the muscles needed for free breathing are chronically tense. Most often, the psoas, the hip flexor, is also tense. See my article "The psoas and trauma". Anxiety is often felt by patients on the front side. 

Therefore, in the case of anxiety disorders and panic attacks in people who can come to my practice, I additionally treat the corresponding tension patterns in advance using body therapy and combine body therapy aspects with emotional release therapy. 

Stefanie Heinlein
Stefanie Heinlein

Stefanie Heinlein is an expert on narcissism, alternative practitioner & mentor. Her mission: Emotional Release & working with the subconscious. She supports people to free themselves from the shackles of their emotional injuries and traumas, and the related repressed emotions and patterns, regardless of the cause. Her particular area of heart and specialisation is supporting women to release their narcissistic trauma so that they can once again live a self-determined life with self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

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