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Phobias are fears of very specific situations or things, such as phobia of flying, phobia of places, social phobias, phobia of certain animals, phobia

Stress in the Stone Age

The stress reaction that takes place in the body goes back to the time of the Neanderthals and was necessary at that time to be able to survive. This is called

Changing behaviour patterns - but how?

What do behaviour patterns have to do with suppressed emotions? Here we need to know that unconscious behaviour is an avoidance strategy. We have unconsciously developed strategies to avoid emotions.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Patients with anxiety and panic attacks often have similar patterns of tension in the body. Breathing is often restricted because the muscles that are responsible for breathing freely

Trauma and psoas

The connection between trauma, fight-or-flight mode and our hip flexor (psoas) There is a connection between trauma and tense psoas. Due to its function, the psoas plays a

All psychosomatic? Or repressed emotions?

Psychosomatic complaints can be caused by suppressed emotions. For patients with therapy-resistant or inexplicable chronic or psychosomatic complaints, pain or illnesses, I often combine body therapy

My current treatment methods
  • Emotional Release Therapy
  • The Journey®
  • Psychosomatic therapy
Currently in training
  • I am currently in training for more fascinating treatments. More about that in the course of the next few months. Here in Frankfurt am Main.
Contact the Practice for Emotional Release Therapy & The Journey® in Frankfurt
Appointments also possible as video call
My practice address for Emotional Release Therapy & The Journey®

Practice for Emotional Release Therapy & Journey® in Frankfurt am Main
Mercatorstraße 5
60316 Frankfurt am Main

Directions to Practice for Emotional Release Therapy & The Journey® in Frankfurt

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