What has it cost you in your life to hide behind walls?
Feeling emotions is the gateway to the soul

Emotional Release Therapy:

Letting go of emotional pain
in Frankfurt am Main

Welcome to my practice for Emotional Release Therapy according to the method "The Journey®".

My mission is to accompany and treat people with emotional trauma and emotional pain of various causes, anything that can be associated with repressed emotions and feelings.

Did you know that repressed emotions & emotional injuries are stored in the body?
And that this can influence our whole life?
  • What if freedom waits behind the fear?
  • How about being free of all your emotional baggage?
  • How would it feel to no longer be stuck in negative emotions?
  • What if your complaints had an emotional cause?
  • What do you think is unattainable for you? Who told you that? Is it true?
  • Who would you be without your destructive patterns?
  • What if you could listen to your heart?
  • What do you really want? Who is holding you back?
  • What has it cost you in your life to hide behind walls?
  • What would you feel if you no longer hid behind your inner mask?
  • Who could you be if you stopped bending to please others?
  • Who would you be without toxic relationships with others?
  • What would happen if you no longer felt like a victim of circumstances?
  • What if being perfect was just a shield?
  • How would it feel to no longer be on autopilot?
  • What if you could free yourself from your emotional hurts?
  • What prevents you from releasing your inner handbrake?
  • What would you be like if you were emotionally free from your past?
  • What would it be like to be free of old pain?
  • How about not being triggered all the time?
  • Who would you be without your negative beliefs?
  • What do you do to avoid feeling your strong emotions?
    • Netflix?
    • Facebook?
    • escape into the head?
    • Work?
    • Alcohol?
    • Smoking?
    • Food?
    • Sleep?
    • excessive activities?
  • What would your life be like without emotional dependence?
  • Why do you keep attracting the same type of partner into your life?
  • What if you were good enough as you are now?
  • What is your heart longing for?
  • How do you really feel right now?
  • What do you need?
  • What would it be like to be free?
  • How would it be if you could value yourself?
  • What would your life be like if you could love yourself?
  • Who did you have to be for your mother?
  • Who did you have to be for your father?
  • Why do you always have narcissists as partners?
  • What did you learn about relationships from your father?
  • What did you learn about relationships from your mother?

Are you ready to free yourself?

What is meant by trauma?

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms the coping mechanisms of the affected person at the moment of the event. What this is in detail varies completely from person to person, depending on the available coping mechanisms. An experience that overwhelms one person does not necessarily have to be experienced as traumatic by another person. 

Trauma can be caused by an act of violence, accidents, deaths, the Corona pandemic, any kind of exceptional situation, physical, psychological, emotional and verbal abuse, rejection and much more. 

However, trauma can also be caused by many small, seemingly insignificant experiences that occurred in our childhood or later, this is called developmental trauma.

These are hurts, emotions that we could not deal with adequately because we lacked the tools to do so. Because we felt that the emotion was overwhelming us, we suppressed it so as not to have to feel it. 


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Developmental trauma

You had everything in your childhood, presents for your birthday, music lessons, sports club, holidays, materially you lacked nothing?

And yet you have the feeling that something is wrong with you, something is missing?

Your parents may have been physically present but not emotionally there for you. Maybe you were told words that hurt you.

Childhood trauma does not happen because you were emotionally hurt as a child. Childhood trauma happens because no one was there for you when you were hurt.


My main areas of treatment are:

  • Release from old emotional injuries and traumas, regardless of the cause
  • Panic attacks, fears, phobias, depression and other "psychological" complaints
  • Abuse, sexual, emotional, verbal
  • States of exhaustion such as burnout and chronic fatigue
  • Stress, nervousness and restlessness
  • psychosomatic complaints

How Emotional Release Therapy can help you

In my practice I work with the profound Journey® method according to Brandon Bays. Depending on the needs of the individual, I combine Journey® processes with body-oriented techniques for Emotional Release. Furthermore, my experience and body therapy background are incorporated into Emotional Release therapy, as trauma is often associated with specific patterns of tension in the body.



Suppressing feelings and emotions - the consequences

We cannot individually suppress certain emotions and feelings such as fear, anger, rage, sadness and allow emotions such as joy, love, gratitude. We cannot selectively suppress emotions and feelings. If we suppress fear and anger, other emotions and feelings such as joy are automatically suppressed as well. A blanket is put on everything. Parts of us are enclosed, separated from us. We create compensatory behaviours such as eating, smoking, drinking, certain activities to suppress emotions and feelings. Our lives can be greatly affected by this. We make decisions against the background of not wanting to feel certain emotions and feelings because we are too afraid of them. We thereby lose the connection to ourselves and thus to others. We "function" more or less well, but do not live. 


What does Emotional Release Therapy do?

Emotional Release Therapy changes our perception of what emotional pain is and brings us back into contact with ourselves. It can be experienced as a very great liberation and enrichment to finally be able to feel emotions and feelings again that may have been suppressed for decades. To be able to feel oneself.

We make different choices in life because we no longer run away from or are at the mercy of our emotions and feelings. We live more authentically, in connection with ourselves and others. We react differently, we are no longer so easily "triggered" by other people.

Do you suppress emotions and feelings?

These lines spoke to you ?
Did you recognise yourself or your complaints?
Then I am here for you!

Just book an appointment now and let's go on an exciting journey together through your body to your suppressed emotions and feelings. Let's get to the bottom of your pain and discomfort together!

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