The Journey®

Profound emotional release of repressed emotions

In my practice I accompany patients with the wonderful and profound method THE JOURNEY® in releasing suppressed emotions and old cell memories and traumas.

Suppressed emotions are stored as cell memories

If we cannot feel emotions in a healthy way and suppress them, they do not simply disappear, but are stored at the cellular level as cell memories. Suppressing emotions is a protective mechanism that kicks in when the traumatisation is too great or when new traumas keep coming (developmental trauma).
You can think of this as the body freezing and locking up the emotion or emotions associated with the painful event. This happens because we do not have the necessary coping mechanisms at the moment of the event.

We dissociate from the painful emotion, put it in a box. This can happen many times with different emotions associated with different people or experiences.

The body first has to learn that it is safe again. Only then is it possible to open and feel these packed-away boxes filled with frozen emotions again.

Here I use the wonderful method THE JOURNEY®. So that you can learn to feel emotions again.

Learning to feel yourself again with The Journey

THE JOURNEY® is not talk therapy in the classical sense. The focus is on learning to feel emotions again, learning to feel oneself again, getting back in touch with oneself, forgiveness for everything that needs forgiveness, gaining lightness and freedom.

The Journey®

  • Liberation from old traumas
  • Emotional reappraisal of old cell memories
  • Release of repressed emotions
  • Learning to feel oneself again
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Getting back in touch with yourself
  • inner child work
Stefanie Heinlein
Stefanie Heinlein

Stefanie Heinlein is an expert on narcissism, alternative practitioner & mentor. Her mission: Emotional Release & working with the subconscious. She supports people to free themselves from the shackles of their emotional injuries and traumas, and the related repressed emotions and patterns, regardless of the cause. Her particular area of heart and specialisation is supporting women to release their narcissistic trauma so that they can once again live a self-determined life with self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

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