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The Journey® - The journey back to you

Journey Method
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The Journey® Method is a profound, magical and transformational method that allows you to access and transform the emotional hurts and traumas stored within you. If you are willing to open deeply, the Journey® method is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself.

What you can feel, you can heal.

Emotions do not disappear when you suppress them

When we don't feel emotions in a healthy way, but instead suppress the suppress the feelingsthey do not simply disappear, but are stored at the cellular level as cellular memories. The emotions get stuck inside us, can no longer flow through us.

Suppressing emotions is a protective mechanism that kicks in when the trauma is too great or when new traumas keep coming.

Furthermore, we are conditioned from an early age to suppress feelings.

You put everything you don't want to feel in a dark cellar

You are like a house. In this house there is a dark cellar. Into this dark cellar you put everything that you don't want to or can't feel because it overwhelms you. Then at some point you close the cellar door and you are busy your whole life keeping the cellar door shut from the outside.
The cellar contents are knocking from the inside all the time. All the time.
Do you feel it?
You are busy all your life holding the cellar door shut from the outside.

What happens at the moment of trauma?

At the moment of trauma, out of self-protection, you split off from yourself the emotions that overwhelm you too much, that are related to the experience, and put them in your dark basement.

But you also split off the part of you that was hurt.

You're not aware of it.
The more you put in that basement, the more you lose yourself.
You lose connection with yourself.

Trauma is anything that causes you to lose connection with yourself.

Emotions are simply body sensations

Emotions and feelings like fear, terror, anger, rage, sadness, shame, guilt are simply energy in motion. No more and no less. Emotions are biochemical processes in the body. Each emotion has its own specific body sensations.
If we did not feel these body sensations, how would we know what emotion we are feeling?

There are no positive or negative emotions or feelings. They are simply body sensations.

Your mind protects you from pain

Your mind's job is to protect you from (emotional) pain. It just does that automatically and it takes its job very seriously. Your mind creates stories that then circle around in your head so that you don't have to feel your feelings and emotions to keep your basement door closed. It tells you over and over again what happened to you, who did what to you.

Story and emotion are like a tangled ball of yarn.
These stories that your mind tells you have only one purpose:
To keep the cellar door closed at all costs.
Your mind wants to keep you from feeling what is coming up emotionally. It is simply a diversionary tactic.

He's protecting you with it, that's his job.
Your mind holds on to the idea: it's too dangerous to feel, it overwhelms you.
As you may have noticed, however, regurgitating stories over and over doesn't help.

Who hurt you emotionally?

In my Emotional Release sessions, I hold your space as you walk through your pain. You feel the pain of your inner children. Through feeling you reintegrate your split off parts. 

The Journey

You were not born the way you are now

When you came into the world, you were full of

  • Basic trust
  • Dear
  • Joy
  • Courage
  • Self-confidence
  • Authenticity
  • Potential
  • Creativity
  • Force
  • Energy
  • Curiosity
  • Playfulness
  • Self-worth
  • Self-love

Then you were hurt. By your parents, in kindergarten, at school.
You were told what not to do and how to be.
You developed fears of not being loved anymore, of being expelled from the family pack, of being rejected when you are you.
You started to put your hurts and also the joy, your potential, your self-worth and many other things in your basement. You started hiding and conforming. You started dimming your light.
Whatever you did as a child, no matter how hard you tried to be a "good" child, it was never enough.
You were put in a box, molded into what your environment wanted you to be. You tried to please everyone and forgot who you really are.

You have lost the connection to yourself, to your innermost core.
But you feel something inside you, deep inside you, a power, a light, an energy, a deep inner knowing that you are more than just the daily functioning in family, job and everyday life.

Something deep inside you has not forgotten who you really are.
All these things are not gone or lost.

You just lost the connection.

You integrate your split-off parts by feeling the suppressed feelings

By feeling the emotional injuries of your inner child, you gradually integrate the parts of yourself that you have split off. You re-establish the connection to yourself.

Holding on to the emotions and the stories hurts, not the feeling

Not wanting to feel hurts and telling stories about what all happened to you hurts.

The fact is that it actually feels good to feel the emotions.
It's incredibly liberating. A heavy load falls off you. Heavy energy can leave your body.

Learning to feel yourself again with The Journey

Journey® therapy is not talk therapy. Talking about your pain does not help you. Talking is avoiding feeling. Talking keeps your basement door closed.
At the heart of the Journey® Method is

I go with you to your dark basement

I go into your dark basement with you in the sessions. Step by step. At your pace.
Are you ready?
You are no longer alone.
You are safe now.

Want impetus on how to shed dysfunctional behavior patterns?

I send you impulses, questions and proven exercises that I use in my Emotional Release sessions. There you will also find appointment announcements for my trauma-sensitive online group coaching. 

How does The Journey® work?

The Journey® therapy works with deep, inner individual journeys where you begin to feel your emotional pain that you have suppressed for decades. This happens in a safe setting, with guidance and at your pace.

This is described by many people as extraordinarily liberating.
For some people this can go very deep in a very short time, for others it goes in very small steps, this varies from individual to individual.

Profound emotional release of repressed emotions

In Journey® therapy, you begin to feel the emotional pain of your inner child. Layer by layer.
You feel the emotional pain, anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, and powerlessness that overwhelmed you as a 5 year old(s), 7 year old(s), and so on.

You are slowly relearning that it is now safe to feel emotions.

You speak the words that are inside you

There are words in all of us, words that we were not allowed or able to say as a child. Your inner child, your 5-year-old, speaks out loud during the session the words that could never or were not allowed to be said.

This is experienced by many people as very liberating.

Journey Method

With the Journey® therapy

  • Transform your emotional injuries
  • Learn to feel emotions again in a healthy way
  • Interrupt your dysfunctional patterns
  • Do you gradually get back in touch with you
  • Gain clarity about who you really are and what you want
  • you start to feel yourself again
  • Heal your inner child
  • Can you make peace with your past
  • Reconnect with your potential, the power that resides in you
  • Can you suddenly do things that seemed impossible before?
  • Can your nervous system calm down again
  • Do you start to think other thoughts
  • your mind can come to rest
  • you transform limiting beliefs

The Journey® method is

  • Transformer
  • Liberating
  • Intensive
  • in-depth

How the Journey® method was invented and developed

The Journey® method was developed by Brandon Bays, who many years ago healed herself in just a few weeks from a basketball-sized tumor she had been diagnosed with. This gave rise to the Journey® method, which is now known in 47 countries.
In the meantime, many Journey® practitioners and therapists use the Journey® method in Germany and worldwide.

Why Journey® therapy became my passion

I came across The Journey® method when I was at my personal lowest point. I was emotionally dusty, had completely lost contact with myself, was only "in my head", depressed and could not even function.

The Journey® therapy has initiated change in my life far beyond my wildest dreams of what could be possible for me.

Based on my own personal experience and accompanying many people, the Journey® method became my passion.

As an accredited Journey® Practitioner, I accompany people daily as a therapist and coach throughout Germany and beyond.

In addition, I incorporate body-oriented trauma therapy methods and trauma-sensitive coaching into my sessions.

I love this work more than anything.

The changes it can bring if you are willing to open yourself deeply.

Stefanie Heinlein

I am an expert on narcissism, healing practitioner & mentor. My mission: emotional release & working with the subconscious mind. I supported people to free themselves from the shackles of their emotional hurts and traumas, and related repressed emotions and patterns, regardless of the cause. My particular area of heart and specialization is supporting women in releasing their narcissistic trauma so that they can once again live a self-determined life with self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

Stefanie Heinlein