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What your mindset and subconscious have to do with your health

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Reading time: 7 Minutes

How to support your health with the power of your subconscious mind

Possibly more than you think!

You will get to know a power tool with which you can realign your subconscious in all areas of life.

Our subconscious - our magical power

Did you know that

  • we are 95% controlled by our subconscious and only 5% by our conscious mind?
  • our subconscious processes information many times faster than our conscious?
  • all things are stored in the subconscious that we have often repeated (no matter whether they serve us or not) and run there as an unconscious programme?
  • That it is of little use if you think positively with your conscious mind ( = 5 %) if you have anchored limiting beliefs in your subconscious ( = 95 %)?
  • We have an instance - our protector or bodyguard - in our subconscious whose job it is to keep everything the way it is, to protect us?
  • We can get the support of our powerful subconscious for our psychological and physical well-being?
  • We can get the powerful support of our subconscious to achieve our goals?

Is what you think really your own thought? Is it really true?

Are you sure that your thoughts are really your own thoughts? Or are they possibly the thoughts of your parents, grandparents, educators, teachers and other people around you?

I invite you to question the thoughts you think and what you believe.

Are these even my own thoughts?
Start thinking your own truth!

Become aware of the restriction you have spent your life with only because you believed everything you were told or communicated non-verbally as a child.

The vessel of your life

If you think of it as a picture, you can imagine it like this: When we come into the world, we are like an empty or almost empty vessel. Since our consciousness is not yet developed in the first years, we absorb everything unfiltered from our environment like a sponge and store it in our subconscious. In other words, we simply believe EVERYTHING.

In your vessel of life, thoughts, beliefs and convictions end up on the subject of

  • How we have to be or how we do not have to be
  • Who we are or who we are not
  • How the world works
  • How to behave
  • How important security is
  • Expectations
  • Sickness and health
  • Money
  • Love and partnership
  • Occupation
  • Nutrition
  • Luck
  • Success
  • Behavioural patterns
  • Thinking patterns
  • And much more

everything ends up in our vessel.

This vessel, represents our conditioning and forms our comfort zone.

What is our comfort zone?

Our comfort zone is the area where we feel "safe". Your comfort zone consists of

  • Your beliefs and convictions
  • Your behaviour patterns
  • Your routines and habits
  • Your state of health
  • Your account balance
  • Your relationship status
  • Your profession/career
  • Your self-worth
  • Your self love
  • Your time
  • Your energy
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your success
  • Simply everything that makes up your current life

Why it is so hard for us to change things and who is this bodyguard?

Our bodyguard is an instance of our subconscious whose main task is to protect us and ensure our survival. It takes this task very seriously. Everything that is outside our comfort zone is unknown to our bodyguard and is therefore classified as potentially dangerous. Danger means physical or emotional pain.

Everything we want to change is outside our comfort zone and is therefore unknown to our bodyguard and therefore potentially dangerous. That is why he tries to keep us in our comfort zone, he knows this state, it feels safe for him. Our bodyguard is afraid that we might get hurt physically or emotionally if we try things outside our comfort zone.

Depending on which beliefs and thoughts we have stored in our vessel of life, this is how our bodyguard protects us, i.e. keeps us in our comfort zone.

Why your life turned out the way it did and why you are exactly where you are now

Depending on what limiting beliefs and convictions you have stored in yourself, this is how you create your life. However, if you become aware of everything that has ended up unfiltered in your "vessel of life", you can begin to understand why your life has turned out the way it has and why you are now standing exactly where you are in your life.

Our previous thoughts and beliefs, have brought us to the point in our lives where we currently are, in all areas of life:

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Occupation
  • Partnership/Love

Our comfort zone is a prison

When we begin to understand that our comfort zone is

  • Holds us captive
  • Holding us to a certain status quo
  • Offering us supposed security
  • often leads to constant stress
  • exhausted us
  • keeps us away from our potential, our possibilities in life

we can make the conscious decision to move outside our comfort zone.

If, for example, you have stored the following or similar sentences in your vessel of life, your bodyguard will protect you accordingly and hold you there. It knows this state, everything else it considers dangerous.

I won't get better, I have to live with it ⇒ then that's how it will be

I am worth nothing ⇒ You will earn little and you will get no appreciation

I have to work hard ⇒ Work will always be exhausting

Work is no fun ⇒ You will do work that is no fun

I have always been like this ⇒ then there will be no change either

Little self-love ⇒ low self-worth ⇒ low money value ⇒ low bank balance

How to get out of your comfort zone

It is a conscious decision to let go of the comfort zone and enter the space of unlimited possibilities, where your potential is waiting for you. To do this, you have to pass through the barrier of fear.

What does fear have to do with your comfort zone?

Very simple. Fear is a concept of your bodyguard to keep you in your comfort zone, so that you stay where and how you are.

Fear is around your comfort zone and has a protective function. The closer you get to the edge of your comfort zone, i.e. you want to do something different or try something new than you have in your life so far, the greater the fear of doing exactly that.

Your bodyguard has erected a "barrier of fear" around your comfort zone to keep you there.

Your fear - your lighthouse out of the comfort zone and into the space of unlimited possibilities

Fear is the only thing that keeps you from truly unfolding and living your potential. Whatever this means for you in detail.

Who would you be if you had unlimited possibilities?

What would your life be like if you had unlimited possibilities?

What would you do if you had unlimited possibilities?

Thoughts are active forces

Did you know that what you think inside - consciously or unconsciously - significantly influences your life outside and thus also your physical and psychological well-being?

Energy always follows attention. If you are in the victim role and in the drama within, you also experience drama in life because your focus is on that. The energy always follows the focus. We have a built-in perception filter that makes us perceive more of what we focus on.

  • What could your life be like if you no longer believed everything you were told as a child?
  • What could your life be like if you could throw out all the thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you and replace them with positive and beneficial thoughts and beliefs?
  • What if changing your thoughts and beliefs could change your life?
  • What if you could step out of your comfort zone and try new things?

Are you ready to take back the power over your life?

Do you already know what you want?

I ask this for a reason, because most people only know what they don't want. They don't want this job, they don't want this partner, they don't want this bank balance, they don't want this illness or limitation.

If we constantly tell the universe what we don't want, we vibrate exactly that into the universe and get more of it. That is the law of resonance.

How the universal taxi works

If you get into a taxi and tell the taxi driver to take you to the north of Frankfurt, he doesn't know exactly where to take you and he takes you somewhere in the north of Frankfurt. Will you be happy with that? Probably not.

What happens if you tell him the exact address? He will take you exactly there!

It works the same way with the universal taxi. If you constantly tell the universal taxi what you don't want, the universal taxi doesn't know where to take you and it gives you some of this and some of that in life.

What happens when you give the universal taxi an exact address?

If, on the other hand, you give the universal taxi an exact address, i.e. tell it exactly what you want, the universal taxi will take you exactly there. This is the law of resonance.

If you know exactly what you want and communicate this to the Universe, you will activate your perception filter and perceive things that will support you in achieving your goal. These things were there before, but you were not aware of them because you were not focused on what you really wanted.

Ask yourself:

  • What exactly do I want in which area of life?
  • Is what I am doing right now bringing me closer to my goal?

Why it is important that you align your perception filter positively

Depending on how your perception filter looks, this is how you experience your everyday life, your relationship, your job, your whole life. 

Due to limiting beliefs from childhood, our perception filter is often very negatively oriented. As a result, we judge things that life presents to us as negative. 

I work with you with a special powerful inner journey into your subconscious, which reorients your perception filter to positive things - in relation to your desired goal. This inner journey works on the basis of neuroplastic association.

When your perception filter is focused on positive things, 

  1. you perceive things that life presents to you differently
  2. You attract positive things through the law of attraction because you begin to vibrate differently.
  3. You are presented with things as a solution and also perceive them, which you would have walked past before.

This is my attempt to begin to put into words the magic that can happen with neuroplastic association.

How to use your subconscious - your power tool for all life issues

How about making your subconscious mind your supporter in a simple way?
In the area

  • Mental health
  • emotional balance
  • Self-love and self-worth
  • Physical health
  • Finance
  • Love and partnership
  • Occupation
  • And much more

Are you ready?

In just one session you will experience and learn a powerful power tool how you can make your subconscious a powerful supporter in relation to a goal - for example support for your physical or emotional health - and access your real potential, for example in the area of health the activation of your emotional and physical self-healing powers.

I often use this power tool for 

  • Patients with chronic or therapy-resistant diseases of any kind for support
  • People I accompany with Emotional Release sessions
  • but also with a wide range of other concerns.

You will receive the powerful power tool to take home and continue to use it to consolidate what you have experienced in the session and further make your subconscious a supporter of your issue.

You learn and experience:

  • How to make your subconscious mind your supporter in achieving your goal in all areas of life.
  • How you can develop and use your potential
  • How to break through the barrier of fear and leave your comfort zone
  • How to make your bodyguard your supporter

You are ready

  • Take 100% responsibility for yourself and the issue you want to solve.
  • Letting go of your victimhood
  • To stop telling stories about why something doesn't work

Stefanie Heinlein

I am an expert on narcissism, healing practitioner & mentor. My mission: emotional release & working with the subconscious mind. I supported people to free themselves from the shackles of their emotional hurts and traumas, and related repressed emotions and patterns, regardless of the cause. My particular area of heart and specialization is supporting women in releasing their narcissistic trauma so that they can once again live a self-determined life with self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

Stefanie Heinlein