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Dates for my online group for narcissism survivors

I offer a free online group specifically for narcissism survivors.

Who is the group for?

  • You want to get a taste of my work
  • You are open and curious about things you may never have heard before
  • You want to get your life back

Who is the group not for?

  • if you are looking for a substitute for individual sessions
  • if you are convinced that only classical talk therapy can help you
  • if you are looking for a classic self-help group, because it is not

How do the group meetings take place?

  • by zoom
  • the meetings are not recorded

What is the procedure?

  • We start with a small sensing exercise so that everyone can arrive in the round and get some distance from everyday life
  • Group coaching or lecture
  • little inner journey 

How long?

  • approx. 45 - 60 minutes


If you write in the registration form what is currently on your mind, I will address it in one of the next sessions - if the content fits or if several participants have a similar wish. 

However, participation in my online group cannot replace individual sessions or therapy. Narcissistic trauma is complex and requires a correspondingly comprehensive treatment approach. In the individual sessions I always deal directly with what is currently stressful for the person concerned. This is not possible in a group.