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Anger - learning to deal with anger and resentment in a healthy way

Anger and resentment
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We all know when anger or resentment boils up inside us. When we see red. How do you deal with anger? Do you swallow the anger or resentment? Or do you feel the need to lash out at something? Or do you do excessive sports to make the anger go away? These and many more are possible ways of dealing with anger, but not the healthiest.

As a child, many of us were taught that anger is unwelcome. "Go to your room until you calm down." In other cases, we may have been frightened because we hurt someone in an argument in which we were angry.

Anger and negative beliefs and beliefs

Through such experiences and experiences we begin to form beliefs and convictions related to anger, for example:

  • When I get angry, I am not loved
  • Being angry is not allowed
  • Anger is dangerous
  • I could harm someone if I get angry

What happens when we suppress emotions?

When we have learned in one way or another that anger is not wanted, we eventually start to suppress it. The problem is, we can't selectively suppress emotions. For example, when we start suppressing anger, over time we automatically suppress other emotions as well. We don't feel anger anymore, but we suppress the other emotions as well. We put a blanket over the emotions. You can live like that, but the depth, the joy, the lightness, the connection to yourself and others in life is missing.

Acting out or controlling anger and resentment

Acting out anger by punching a pillow or punching bag or going jogging only solves the problem superficially. You can punch a pillow perfectly well, but still not feel the anger and continue to suppress it. Any behaviour or activity related to anger serves to suppress or control the anger.

Suppressed anger is split off power

When we suppress anger, we split it off from ourselves. Anger is an enormously powerful energy. Energy that you have split off from yourself. Life force that is not available to you.

Suppressed anger is split-off life force.

It is time for you to reintegrate this energy, this part of you, so that this life force is available to you again. 

Feeling anger and resentment in a healthy way

Anger is just an emotion like any other emotion. Yes, it is a strong emotion. But it is also simply e-emotion. Energy in motion that only wants to move through our body, nothing more.

When we give the space to anger, really FEEL it for what it really is, a pure body sensation, a biochemical process that takes place. E.G.:

  • We get hot
  • The jaws press together
  • The hands clench
  • Breathing becomes more difficult
  • The face turns red

If we feel anger and other emotions and there is no story attached to the emotion, the anger or the other emotions can rush through us in seconds or minutes. Only when we hold on to stories and link them to the anger and other emotions does the emotion get stuck inside us.

Do an experiment the next time you get angry

  • Don't go jogging or to the gym if you feel you are angry or aggressive.
  • sit down
  • close your eyes
  • become still and feel
  • observe your body sensations
  • what do you feel in your body?
  • where do you feel something in your body?
  • welcome what shows up, whatever it is for you
  • the way you do it, you do it just right
  • what words come up in you?
  • What images do you see?
  • How do you know this feeling from your childhood?
  • Who were you angry with as a child?

It is the anger of your inner childthat you now feel as an adult. 

Your inner child is the younger version of you that could not feel anger and resentment in a healthy way because you did not have emotional support as a child in that moment. This emotional memory lives on in you as an adult. 

Learning to feel anger and resentment again in a healthy way with Emotional Release and The Journey®.

I work with the wonderful Journey Therapy to help people feel anger and other deep emotions again in a healthy way and to get back in touch with themselves, thus also bringing about a positive impact in their dealings with others.

Stefanie Heinlein

I am an expert on narcissism, healing practitioner & mentor. My mission: emotional release & working with the subconscious mind. I supported people to free themselves from the shackles of their emotional hurts and traumas, and related repressed emotions and patterns, regardless of the cause. My particular area of heart and specialization is supporting women in releasing their narcissistic trauma so that they can once again live a self-determined life with self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.

Stefanie Heinlein