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Here you will find feedback from brave souls who have deeply opened up to their emotional hurts.


"Thank you for the intense session last week. It got a lot going and has already solved some things. I am feeling much better!!!
One fundamental realization in particular has really moved me forward."


"THANK YOU...for your such wonderful and unique company today at noon.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Today I'm taking my time, but I wanted to thank you again very much.

You are wonderful!"


"The 2nd night I woke up gurgling with joy and was so happy and chuckled that I woke up my boyfriend with it. He wanted to know what I was so happy about, but I couldn't even tell him exactly what I was happy about. I was just filled with so much joy."


"The first 3 days I felt wonderfully whole, completely okay as I am and in love with myself. Warm in my chest and belly. Strolling happily through the world, my little one happily with me.
The image of my little one was very present, kept coming before my inner eye and gave me a rising tingling sensation from my lower abdomen to my upper abdomen. Full of joy I felt in those moments."


"First of all I would like to say thank you.
During our session you made me feel all the time that you are really there, mindful, present and always supporting me to allow a little bit more.
I felt absolutely safe with you, thank you for that!!

At home I felt powerful, always in my alignment and in my perception: I am safe! That was great!!!
And my joy, deep inside, I could perceive that again."


"I find that the 1.5 hours were very tailored to me and my needs. In my opinion, it is really rare that a therapist takes such an individual approach. For this reason, the session also has the meaning for me that it has brought me a bit further.
I felt the after-effect of the session to be very intense and incomparable. On the days that followed, deep peace returned."


"Thank you so much and I don't know how you do it, just that you have just the right words at just the right time.

I have quite often reviewed the session and realized that you listened to me so attentively and thought so much about how you can support me. I find that just incredibly great! You gave everything, really everything in our session! Thank you so much!!! And also in this session gave me the feeling, you are there, I am sure you know what you are doing!"


"This intense session that you gave me dear Stefanie, I still have to process... Always everything is there at the same time, a lot of tears and what is also there, what I love to live and like, my openness and deep inside, there it is again from time to time... my joy!"


"Thank you a thousand times for your recent sessions. It was so liberating for me!!!"