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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about my work

Emotional Release Sessions

This question cannot be answered in a general way. The number of sessions depends:

  • How much are you willing to feel your emotional pain? To really feel. 
  • how strong are your avoidance strategies and protective mechanisms that prevent you from feeling again?
  • Where are you now on your healing journey and where do you want to go?
  • How deeply and extensively do you collaborate between sessions and use the tools and tools in your everyday life that I provide?
  • How much did you get into your head?
  • How deregulated is your nervous system?
  • Are you feeling dust or can you still perceive your feelings somewhat?

Everyone moves at their own pace on their healing journey and brings with them different prerequisites, so everyone also requires a very individual number of sessions.

The deeper you can open up to your feelings in a session, the more can happen in a session. The more can happen in a session, the fewer sessions you need. However, this cannot be determined by you, but by your subconscious, your body. 

If you can open up very deeply to your emotional injuries very quickly, you will need fewer sessions than if you are numb and have to relearn that feeling is safe at the beginning. If you are numb, the sessions don't go as deep in the beginning. You first have to learn again that it is safe to feel feelings. This goes in small steps, sometimes very small steps. Being feeling dust is a trauma response. 

Healing from trauma takes time and patience. 

I usually accompany people for several months. 

The sessions still have an effect for a few days, so the intervals between the sessions can be longer. You alone determine the intervals between sessions. Many people book a session every 2 or 3 weeks for a certain period of time, others once a month or at irregular intervals. This depends on where you are and what you want and at what pace you want to go. 

If you are not able to perceive many feelings, I recommend booking a session every 2 weeks. 

The actual session takes place after a short preliminary talk in a lying or sitting position. You have your eyes closed during the session so that your mind can calm down. I will guide you with questions and you will go on an exploratory journey into your body to find out where you can perceive body sensations or emotions that are related to your issue.

You feel what shows up in this moment. I guide you.

The healing lies in not doing anything with the emotions, just being aware of them, feeling them.

Sometimes it's a hurricane that breaks loose, sometimes it's just a whisper, either way is perfectly fine.

There is no right or wrong here.

Through specific questions, I guide you again and again to go into your body, to become aware of which emotion wants to be felt at this moment, to make its way to the surface.

Emotions lie in layers on top of each other, I guide you through them to the deeper layers.

We process emerging images, memories, words and scenes with inner child work. You do not speak as an adult in the session, but your inner child, which appears in this session, speaks and feels what it has buried within itself for decades. You speak the words that have been inside you since childhood, which you were not allowed or able to say. This happens out loud. Speaking out loud can have a very liberating effect.

Parts of you that have been buried for a long time come to light again.

If you let the emotion be there and feel it, you will find that it subsides on its own after a while.

I guide you all the time.

There is no set timetable for a session. Each session is different, some sessions are very intense, others can be very gentle, depending on what your body releases or needs.

Furthermore, depending on the need and situation, forgiveness, transformation of limiting beliefs, cleansing and other techniques are incorporated into the session.

In talk therapy, the conscious mind of the therapist talks to your conscious mind as an adult. 

The conscious mind makes up 5% of us. We are controlled by the powerful 95% of our subconscious mind. 

Your trauma is in your body, in your subconscious - not in your head. 

In Emotional Release sessions we address the body, where the trauma is stuck. 

In a safe environment and with guidance, your body can gradually learn that it is safe to feel again. 

That which you can feel, you can heal. 

Talking about your emotional pain is what you do with your mind. 

Speaking is avoiding feeling. 

In the Emotional Release session you start to feel again. 

By feeling the long suppressed emotions you reintegrate your split off parts.

You learn to deal with strong feelings in a healthy way again.  

Emotional release is right for you if:

  • you feel a deep urge inside you to want to free yourself emotionally
  • You are ready to feel and transform your emotional pain
  • You are ready for a very intense experience
  • You want to feel your emotions again
  • You have a deep inner willingness and openness to work on yourself and want to change something.
  • You have the courage and the deep will to look at your emotional injuries.
  • You want to resolve your narcissistic trauma on an emotional level
  • You want to work on yourself beyond the conscious mind
  • You are aware that your current challenges may be related to emotional hurts in the past.
  • You want more than just "talk about it
  • Deep inside you feel: Oh yes, I'm ready, feel it, feel it, feel it.
  • You are aware that emotional release is a process that requires deep commitment over a period of months
  • if you're looking for talk therapy, because that's not it.
  • If you want to "make your pain go away".
  • if you have the expectation that with one or two sessions all your life issues will be solved

The power of repression - a study on the connection between permanent suppression of emotions and diseases

Sigmund Freud already pointed out the connection between permanent repression of emotions and diseases.

A study now establishes a link between permanent emotional repression and cancer and hypertension.

Trauma sensitive group coaching

If you don't know if my work is right for you, you can try out my work in the group sessions for a small price and see what it does for you over a few months. You book each group session individually and decide each time anew.

In order to maintain the privacy of the participants, the group sessions are not recorded.

In the Emotional Release individual sessions you will experience a deep transformational inner journey absolutely tailored to you, I will go into what is emotionally present for you in this moment.

In the trauma-sensitive group coaching sessions, I work with the group as a whole, so individual attention to individual participants is not possible. If you are willing to engage and open up to the inner journey I lead for the group, a strong group energy can emerge in which you can release emotional burdens. Group sessions can be very powerful.

If you feel safer turning off the video camera, that's perfectly fine. If you can turn it on, you're encouraging others to do the same.

Administrative issues

Appointments booked through the appointment book are billed as private coaching and therefore cannot be submitted to health insurance. 

My offer represents private and personal coaching and is therefore not tax deductible.

The sessions take place either online or in my practice in Frankfurt am Main.

The sessions take place online via Zoom.

You can easily book my Emotional Release sessions here at this link.

My group coaching starts in 2023. Currently you can already register here in the waiting list. You will be informed as soon as the exact start date is fixed.

One session costs 267,00 € incl. VAT.

Depending on the topic and duration, group coaching costs between €27.00 and €47.00 per group session (incl. VAT) / Each date can be booked separately.

Payment is easy and uncomplicated via Paypal.