For whom is emotional release and the Journey® method right?

Emotional liberation is right for you if:

  • You are ready to feel and transform your emotional pain
  • You want to feel your emotions again
  • You have a deep inner willingness and openness to work on yourself and want to change something.
  • You have the courage and the deep will to look at your emotional injuries.
  • if you want to resolveyour narcissistic trauma on an emotional level
  • You want to work on yourself beyond the conscious mind
  • You are aware that your current challenges may be related to emotional hurts in the past.
  • You want more than just "talk about it
  • You are ready to leave your comfort zone
  • Deep inside you feel: Oh yes, I'm ready, feel it, feel it, feel it.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself


For whom Emotional Release is not the right thing:

  • if you're looking for talk therapy, because that's not it.
  • unless you really want to change something
  • If you want to "make your pain go away".

Who is mentoring right for?

  • this is the perfect entry point if you are open and ready for change in your life from the bottom of your heart, but still afraid (I understand) to dive into your deep emotional hurts
  • You are willing to put in the effort, even beyond the sessions
  • You are ready to use the wonderful and powerful tools you receive from me in your everyday life.
  • You are ready to reflect
  • if you want to build self-love and self-worth (very important for narcissism survivors!)
  • If you want a fresh start as a narcissism survivor
  • if you want to get in touch with your inner child again
  • If you are open and ready to use your most powerful tool, your subconscious, optimally from now on.
  • If you want to achieve a certain goal (no matter what), but you are not making any progress.
  • positive orientation Mindset work
  • if you want to change destructive behaviour
  • You are aware that change takes time
  • You are willing to invest time and money in yourself

For whom mentoring is not the right thing

  • if you're looking for talk therapy or behavioural therapy, because that's not it.
  • if you want everything to stay the way it is, only your problem should be "taken away".
  • if you wait for others to change
  • if you are not open and ready to work with your subconscious mind
  • if you have the expectation that all accumulated life issues can be solved with one single session


Who do you want to be from today?

How do you want to be from today?